What is RSS News API?

RSS News API is free open source API for fetching any news.
Project is early in Beta phase and multiple languages will be added as well as more categories.

This API is completely FREE for use!

Check us out on GitHub.

Example URL:


List of available parameters

  • Language
  • Category
  • Order
  • Limit

Example output

Example of json that API returns


List of available languages

By default language is set to "en"


List of available categories per language

By default category is set to "latest"


Order parameter can be either "ASC" or "DESC".
By using "DESC" news will be listed from latest to oldest and by using "ASC" news are listed from oldest to newest.

By default order is set to "DESC".


Limit parameter is optional.
Limit represents number of news that are fetched from API.

By excluding limit parameter all news in the corresponding category and language will be fetched.

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